Denise Tan as Shanghai Diva


Denise Tan Portrait. Shot in Singapore. Fuji X-Pro1 35mm

Portrait of Denise Tan.  She was the first ‘formal’ portraiture that I shot using the X-Pro1. And also my first forage back into photography after a decade or so.  Denise is a famous celebrity so the challenge was to shoot something different from her regular bubbly cheerful self.  We came up with a Shanghai diva-esque, look with a bit of Amy Winehouse thrown in.  The background was the old Paramount hotel in Shanghai.  I was surprised to find it still standing there.  It was an iconic nightclub and ballroom dancehall during the heydays of early 20th century China.

Gear talk: Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Lens, XF35mm, Profoto lights. Background plate on Paramount was shot separately on a ye olde pre-historic Leica lens mounted on a Sony.


3 thoughts on “Denise Tan as Shanghai Diva

  1. Bruce CG Gallagher says:

    Hi Sung
    I saw your work on stevehuff photo….I like your work. Fine portraits of the nomadic people.
    My work is on Linkedin for what that is worth….my website I hope to have up
    by the summer.

  2. Hans Ernst says:

    Hi Sung,

    Fantastic !
    Well very little else to say, this is where photography is about !

    Thanks for sharing

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