The Special Ingredient

Remember the scene from the Stephen Chow movie God of Cookery?  Yes, the scene that Pixar totally stole for their Ratatouille.  Stephen made `the most incredible amazing dish because the taste and the aroma brought back such vivid memories of her happy childhood.


Well, I am looking for that single photograph that evokes something in you.  Maybe a memory that was long forgotten? But of course, no one else has to know.  And most probably, even me as the photographer, I won’t know.  But you the viewer will.


Photo of a buddy of mine and his adorable son.  His wife was the first one to hire me for a photography gig during my second and current reincarnation as a photographer.  I’m forever grateful and indebted to her for that.


Same Same but Different

Ever since the first Kodak Brownie, there has been an egalitarianisation of photography.  (I made that word up.)  The professional photographer will lament that a GWC just picked up his first Canon 700D entry level DSLR and is trying to undercut him with price.

I used to be scared too, despairing in photography as a career.

But now I see it as a good thing.  It just makes me work that much harder, to hone my craft and raise my game.  I approach every  session as a chance to make incredible images that are better than anything I’ve done in the past.  And I hope it shows in my work.  (Or at least my latest work.)

jellies small