Zen and the Gregory Heisler Workshop

Here is the first of my review the Gulf Photo Plus 2014.   For me it was almost like a pilgrimage because I’ve read so much about it from David Hobby’s blog.  David was instrumental in getting me back into photography after a fifteen years absence.  He had nothing but praises for GPP and honestly, it was everything it advertised to be and more.
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Sea Gypsies

The orang laut (literally sea people in the Malay language) are nomadic tribes who live all around the east coast of Borneo, straddling the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Orang Laut Belakan Bukit (9 of 10)

Sea Gypsies- Young couple at home

Orang Laut Belakan Bukit (29 of 54)

Sea Gypsies- Homes during low tide


Sea Gypsies – Playing in the rain

Some fare better than others.  Some have gone ashore and assimilated into land-life.  But this group that I met have no nationality, thus for better or worse, have to live at sea their whole lives, either on boats, or on stilt houses around small islands.  No running water, no electricity.
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Jump for Joy

Xinen called me the other day.  Turns out Hossan Leong is doing a  show at the Drama Centre to celebrate his twenty years in showbiz.  He needed a happy jumping pose for the poster and flyer designs.  Hossan is a friend, but our friendship was sorely tested by the 50th jump.  The poster came out great.  But his quads and hamstrings, not so much.

Hossan Back

Coincidentally, 20 long years is also how long I’ve been away from photography.
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The Special Ingredient

Remember the scene from the Stephen Chow movie God of Cookery?  Yes, the scene that Pixar totally stole for their Ratatouille.  Stephen made `the most incredible amazing dish because the taste and the aroma brought back such vivid memories of her happy childhood.


Well, I am looking for that single photograph that evokes something in you.  Maybe a memory that was long forgotten? But of course, no one else has to know.  And most probably, even me as the photographer, I won’t know.  But you the viewer will.


Photo of a buddy of mine and his adorable son.  His wife was the first one to hire me for a photography gig during my second and current reincarnation as a photographer.  I’m forever grateful and indebted to her for that.